Thursday, May 15, 2014

Make a greeting card

Crafting time!

So recently I had to make several cards for family birthdays, graduations and Mother's Day.  I haven't had the chance to do some crafting in forever it feels like (with 2 kids occupying most of my time).  I forgot how much I enjoyed it!  Anyway, here is how I made this birthday card:

I started out by stamping some kraft gift tags I had laying around.  Finally got to use them as well as the birthday stamp I got a while back.  I used two different stamps: rubber stamp and a cling stamp.  I love using both kinds.  I also used a black Versafine ink stamp pad.  

I buy the package of blank greeting cards from Hobby Lobby including the craft paper.  I used a paper cutter to cut out the background paper and the smaller paper that will fit inside the larger one.  Then I attach them together using a tape runner.  I love using these!  So easy to use and when you run out you just pop in a refill.

Next I place ribbon around the card using the tape runner and tie the ends into a knot.  Then I attach the paper to the actual greeting card using the taper runner.  

 Next I use glue dots to place the kraft tag onto the paper.  I also use the glue dots to stick the butterfly and leaf embellishment.

 Finally I use Stickles to place glitter onto the stamped scroll.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving printables

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I decided to design some vintage printables that can be used to decorate for Thanksgiving.  Hopefully these designs will inspire you to get creative and have fun.  Thanksgiving has always been my favorite Holiday so I am very excited to share these with you!

The various designs include:
-gift tags
-circle tags that can be used for various crafts
-name place cards
-thanksgiving cards for writing down what each person is thankful for

As these pictures show I embellished with some burnt orange glitter to add some fun sparkle.  The gift tags I used for decorating a candle and a mason jar.  The circle tags I used for dessert toppers and to make a festive garland.

The place cards add a special touch to the dinner table and the thankfulness cards can be used for a fun family activity.  Have each person fill out their card and then place all the cards in a basket.  Later on just pass the basket around and each person selects a card and reads out loud what the card says.

You can use a 2 inch circle punch to cut out the circle tags and everything else can be cut out with a paper trimmer.  I hope you have as much fun as I did with these designs!

Click here to download the files


Friday, November 8, 2013

Welcome to my new blog!

I've finally decided to start a blog and see where it takes me.  I love all things vintage and crafting and mixing the two together.  Hopefully I will be posting some craft ideas soon along with free printables that I designed for the Holiday season.

Thanks for stopping by!